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  1. APPLY: Fill out the application below and let us know a little more about your fundraiser.
  2. SHARE: Once approved, you will be sent an email with your fundraising code and helpful resources for a successful fundraiser. We will also create a profile for your fundraiser on the We Fund Local homepage. When a customer enters your fundraising code at checkout, 20% of the sale will go directly to your fundraiser (after transaction processing fees).
  3. SHOP: Share your fundraising code with friends, family, and the community to start earning money for your fundraiser! See where the businesses are located on the interactive map.
  4. EARN: Once your fundraiser has begun, log into your custom dashboard to see how much money you have raised!


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Common Questions

What types of fundraisers do we support?

All fundraisers must be approved by before any fundraiser code is given. Approvals are in accordance with our mission to help the local community. has the right to approve and disqualify any fundraiser application. 

Are there any fees to join?

There are no fees to join as fundraiser on 

What are the most common fundraisers on is proud to support a wide variety of fundraisers. Here are some examples: Schools (School Sports, School Trips, etc..), Local Sports, Churches, Families in Need, Local Charities, Hospitals, Youth Organizations, and many more.

How do I receive the money raised by my fundraiser?

All funds are transferred to a Paypal account associated to the fundraiser. If you do not have a Paypal you can sign up for one free here

Do all vendors on participate?

Yes. All vendor’s on participate and give 20% of sales to fundraisers when a fundraiser code is used.

How long can the fundraiser be?

We recommend fundraisers are not more than 30 days long, however many fundraisers run a much shorter time. We will work with you to make sure your fundraiser is set up with a timeline that meets your needs. 

When can I start?

After you sign up, we will be back to you as soon as possible with your approval notice and a fundraiser welcome package. This process is normally within 1 business day (Monday-Friday). Once approved, the code will be active and can be used immediately. 

How much will my fundraiser make?

20% of all sales using your custom code will go to your fundraiser. The total amount will vary based on how many sales your fundraiser generates. 

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