Six Pack MINI and Burlap bag


This value pack includes TWO 1oz Boho Blend, TWO 1oz Sano Blend and TWO 1oz Gaucho Blend. The burlap bag is natural color and hand painted.
A great opportunity to try all three spice blends and decide which will be your favorite. Wicked Good is a pre-mixed and ready to use dry spices that will add flavor and taste to any dishes, saving you time and money to enjoy a healthier meal. The one ounce packets are easy to carry with you and have the option to bring your own spices. Also, is great to keep one of this in your lunch box or picnic.
BOHO blend has ginger and rosemary, great for marinades, barbecue, and pasta sauces. SANO blend is a peppery blend enhanced with oregano and thyme, and good for any recipe. GAUCHO blend is perfect for grilling or roasting meats and can be used as a meat rub.

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