Homestead Paw Balm (Soothe, Moisturize, Protect) – Unscented


Our fur babies’ paws were designed for life without shoes, so they’re pretty tough, however, life without shoes can be pretty tough too! One of the easiest ways to help our furry friends maintain healthy foot pads is by applying paw balm regularly to prevent damage and soothe mild injuries.  Homestead Paw Balm to the rescue!

Homestead Paw Balm will help your fur baby find relief from the environmental stressors of hot pavement, sand burns, ice & salt, lawn fertilizers/chemicals and more. 

Made with 100% all natural ingredients, Homestead Paw Balm is a safe and effective way to help maintain your fur babies exposed skin (paws, nose, ears, elbows), even when they lick them!

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