All Natural Deodorant


Have you been swept up in the “Anti-Perspirant” craze? Did you know that Anti-Perspirants contain chemicals that don’t stop sweat but actually block it (and your pores)? Did you know your body is supposed to sweat naturally to purge odor causing bacteria? Know what else…..blocking sweat can cause a buildup of these odor causing bacteria in your pores (YUCK!) causing you to use even more anti-perspirant. 

All Natural Deodorant to the rescue! NO Parabens, NO Aluminum, NO SIlica, NO Phthalates, NO Steareths.  Our Deodorant is also FREE of Baking Soda! Many natural deodorants use baking soda, which can cause under arm irritation. Our deodorants contain skin loving ingredients that will help control odor, absorb wetness and condition your skin without blocking pores.

*NOTE: Let us know if you would like Barbershop or Baby Powder at Checkout!

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