Getting Started

  1. Congrats, you have been approved as a fundraiser!
  2. The quickest and easiest way to build momentum with your fundraiser is to identify a fundraiser lead to share all of the content below. 
  3. Your fundraiser has been assigned a special code. This code is visible on your fundraising dashboard and we will email it to you. Customers need to enter this code at checkout.
  4. There are two ways you can earn money for your fundraiser:
    1. Discovery: We Fund Local showcases all current fundraisers on the homepage. When customers visit the website homepage, they can discover and learn more about your fundraiser, and choose to support you 
    2. Self Promotion: You direct potential customers to the site and give them the code to enter at checkout. **THIS IS HOW YOU EARN THE MOST MONEY
  5. For both discovery and self promotion, customers need to enter your fundraising code at checkout, and then 20% of the sale (after processing fees) will automatically be applied to your fundraiser. The total amount donated from that purchase will be visible to the customer at this time.
  6. We Fund Local is working on adding your fundraiser to the homepage. You will receive an email when your fundraiser has been added to the homepage. This email will also confirm your fundraiser start and end dates.
  7. Login with the link sent to you in the email saying that you have been approved as a fundraiser. This is your personalized dashboard. You can log in here any time to see your fundraising earnings real-time.


  1. Once you know your fundraising start and end dates, it is time to promote your fundraiser!
  2. Find our communications package here. This communications package includes email templates, a promotional calendar to keep you on track, and more!
  3. Share your fundraising code with potential customers
    • Potential customers may include:
      • The members of your organization
      • People/organizations who have supported or donated in the past
      • Your mailing list
      • All your social media contacts
      • Friends & Family
      • Co-workers
  4. If you or someone forgets the fundraising code, just send them to and have them search for your fundraiser on the homepage. Your code will be shown there.
  5. Use social media to spread the message. Adding pictures to your social media posts is proven to drive more clicks.  Download our promotion images by clicking here.
  6. Encourage all of your organization’s members to share the event with their personal network to help spread the word.


  1. Log into your account to track earning and keep your organization updated on your progress toward you goal!


  1. Once your fundraiser is complete, We Fund Local will write your organization a check.
  2. Expect this check to be mailed to you within 10 business days of your fundraising end date.