In 2018, Margaret started a loose leaf tea company called 27Teas. Throughout the process of becoming a small business owner, she discovered the many frustrations ‘makers’ face as they try to market and grow their business.

In 2020, these issues were only exasperated as the COVID-19 pandemic caused a giant shift in the market. Selling online was necessary for businesses to survive. 

At the same time, local communities were struggling. The need to support local was more important than ever.

Margaret and her husband Dave, thought about ways to help. The idea for ‘We Fund Local’ was born.

  • The goal: Build a fundraising platform that brings together local communities and the businesses within them for a local supporting local approach. 
  • The model: Need to raise funds for a local organization, school, church, etc? Instead of using a giant fundraising company to sell chocolate bars or cookie dough, create a profile with We Fund Local, and shop from local vendors. A percentage of the sales goes straight to the fundraiser. 

We hope you enjoy shopping local, supporting local, and giving back to the local community!

Happy Shopping,

Margaret & Dave