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Massachusetts | Activism 

ABOUT: The Massachusetts Chapter of the National Organization for Women is a member-led organization that brings together thousands of feminists across the Commonwealth to advance our mission to pursue equity, act for justice, and build an intersectional feminist community. We have dreams of programs that would elevate the collective power of women and girls, but need sustainable funding to do so.

GOAL: $2,500 to help elevate women and girls

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Animal Talks

Boston, MA | Pet Loss Counseling 

ABOUT: Animal Talks helps all who have lost a pet, a beloved animal companion, to death. Losing a pet is a profound and painful grief experience. We can help.

GOAL: Money donated will help keep services free.

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Migrant Justice

Burlington, VT | Community Action

ABOUT: Migrant Justice builds the power of immigrant farmworkers to organize for human rights and economic justice. Based in Vermont, Migrant Justice has fought over the last decade to win recognition for immigrant workers, through passing laws and policies and by transforming the dairy industry through the organization’s Milk with Dignity Program.

GOAL: Raise money to support essential farmworkers continued organizing efforts to improve labor and housing conditions and achieve necessary protections during the pandemic.

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Somerset Humane Society

Skowhegan, ME | Animal Shelter

ABOUT: SHS is a 501(c) 3 no-kill animal shelter located in Skowhegan, Maine that relies primarily on private donors to fund our programs and services. Our mission is to care for the homeless, defend and seek healing for the abused, and remain tirelessly committed to the safety and wellbeing of all animals. We do our best to return lost pets to their owners and find suitable homes for the pets that are not reclaimed, as well as taking in owner surrendered pets as space permits. We spay and neuter for the health and wellbeing of the animal, as well as population control. Even though we do our best to keep adoption fees low, many times we do not recover the cost of altering all these animals as well as providing medical care to all who need it.

GOAL: $2,000 to help with medical costs

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Safe Passage

New Gloucester, ME/Guatemala | Education

ABOUT: Safe Passage touches the lives of thousands of people, providing opportunities and building futures through the power of education. We are a K-9th school which serves the community that surrounds the largest garbage dump in Central America, in Guatemala City. Learn more by visiting their website here.

GOAL: $2500 to support COVID precautions/protocols when we reopen school

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Freedom Cafe

Durham, NH | Support Human Rights

ABOUT: The Freedom Cafe of Durham is a non-profit specialty café dedicated to ending human trafficking and the commercial exploitation of all people. The café provides a collaborative space that invites the local community to take ownership and action toward a slave-free world. Through presentations, discussion groups and community events, we seek to educate local citizens about the complexities of the issue and its root causes, the actions necessary for preventing it, and ways to support reputable organizations working to bring about a world where all people are free.

GOAL: $500 to help end human trafficking 

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BeBop Labs

Salisbury, NH | Medical/Health Research

ABOUT: BeBop Labs is a 501(c)3 organization that tracks impacts to health. We are currently tracking ticks and their harboring diseases. We are currenlty trying to build a facility to better service our community and track more impacts to health.

GOAL: Money raised will go toward building a facility to better serve the community

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